Ana Stein headshot

Anahita (Ana) Stein is a New York and Chicago based jewelry designer. For over a decade, she has created a unique collection of jewelry, reimagining historical motifs through her singular, sculpturally modern lens.

Born in Iran and raised in Europe and the United States, Ana draws inspiration from the imagery and history of her Persian heritage. she merges her architectural background with her love of Moorish and Art Nouveau design elements and the experiences cultivated by her world travels. 



The Anahita line is a beautiful balancing of opposites, juxtaposing dark and light, sharp and soft with the exotic and refined, resulting in looks that are feminine, sculptural, timeless and modernly chic. 

Ana is grateful to work with a world-class team of master goldsmiths, utilizing the finest precious and semi-precious stones for her designs. She maintains the highest standards in environmental responsibility by using recycled gold and certified conflict-free gems sourced from mines around the world. These efforts contribute to an exquisitely handcrafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry collection.  Upon client request, collection items can be customized, and special requests can be commissioned.


The Anahita collection is designed to celebrate a life well lived and remind wearers of their own unique adventures that have created a one-of-a-kind tapestry of life. We believe that jewelry is not just something you wear, but an extension of how you feel, how you see yourself, and a measure of your ethical concerns. By creating globally influenced modern pieces, the Anahita Jewelry Brand is on a mission to inspire customers to embrace their uniqueness, creativity, and style.